New to Club Cycling?

We regularly receive queries from prospective new members, one thing they have in common is a sense of trepidation - will they be able to cope with the pace and distance of our rides and so on. If this is you read on...!

We welcome anyone thinking of joining a cycling club. We realise that, to the novice, cycling can be quite daunting. We endevour to ease you in to the sport as smoothly as possible. If, for whatever reason, you find the Halifax Imps isn't for you we can point you in the direction of a number of other clubs in the area, all of whom are fellow members of the Calderdale Cycling Association.

We have two regular rides each week, either of which would be suitable to the newcomer:

The Sunday 'club runs' are longer rides, usually between 50 - 80 miles in total. They are generally ridden at an approximate average of 12 miles an hour with pairs of riders taking turns pushing into the wind at the front of the group. If you are currently riding 30 - 40 miles on your own you should find this ride feasible.

The Thursday evening 'social ride' is the more accessible of our weekly rides. If you are able to cycle 10 - 20 miles on your lonesome this would be more than do-able. Again you would be riding at an average of 12 miles an hour but for just 20-25 miles on local roads. We pledge to never leave anyone behind on this ride, no matter how slow you are! The ride invariably finishes in a pub somewhere on the periphery of Halifax, giving you the option of joining in (it is a social ride after all!) or heading straight home.